Ben Shoveller

Ben ShovellerBen Shoveller has hosted Radio shows on Big and small commercial radio stations during a career spanning two decades to date. He has a vast knowledge of music and a passion for Indie Rock.

About Ben

Other than playing music on Atom Radio what do you really do for a living?

Not a lot, generally just play records for a living

Where did you grow up?

Farnborough in Hampshire

When you were growing up what did you want to be?

A DJ, specifically Chris Tarrant

Your favourites:




Dallas (old school) Neighbours and any Football.


Football, Cricket, F1, Tennis, Darts, Rugby.


Star Wars and Back to the Future

Top 5 tunes?

Too hard, instead here are my top 5 bands.

1. Oasis
2. Carter USM
3. Foo Fighters
4. Muse
5. Stone Roses

Favourite holiday destination?